Extra Resources: Structured doll play

Click on the link below to download a document that will teach you how to do structured doll play to prepare your child for future events that he/she is anxious about. Structured doll...

Tips on how to calm a child down

Click on the link below to download an information sheet with tips on how to calm an anxious child down. Tips on how to calm a child down

Limit setting: extra resources

In this video, a child psychologist will explain more about limit setting and how she implemented it with her own daughter. In this video, a mom explains how she uses ACT limit setting to help her kids through difficult transitions. Definitely worth watching!...

Reflective/Active listening extra resources

Here are a few videos that we have sourced from Youtube that will help you to understand how to implement reflective listening Video explaining what active listening is and how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhJYNUYNH-Y This video clip from an episode of...
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